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Sep 14 2009

More N.

N., who I’ve written about before, walks into my homeroom and asks if he can talk to me about something that happens this weekend. According to many students, I serve the role of N.’s mom, as he doesn’t have anyone to talk to at home. Of course, I told him I’d be happy to listen to what happened to him.

N.: Remember the girl I like? The one I introduced you to? J.? (N. tends to introduce me to every girl he considers dating.)

Me: Of course.

N.: Well, last year, I taught her ex how to breakdance. This was before I even knew her. He asked me to dance battle him. I thought it would be fun, so I said sure. This was Saturday afternoon.

Me: Ok, that sounds like fun.

N.: Well, it was. Until I was dancing and he swung at me. Told me he was jealous of me for sitting next to his ex in class.

Me: Well, that sounds unfair. I’m sorry that happened to you.

N.: Yeah, it was even more unfair when he and 15 of his friends jumped me on my way home.


N.: Yep. It’s fine. They mostly only got the back of my head, I think. It was hard to tell when there were that many of them. It’s ok though.

At least this stuff seems to be happening outside of school this year…

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